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      Teeth whitening that Does Work!

      Regain your teeth’s natural color and a dashing smile! Guaranteed results.

      No pain
      No light
      No sensitivity
      No hazardous chemicals

      I loved my whitening! There was no pain involved nor any sensitivity after it. 100% recommendated.

      – Marcela Perez

      This whitening does work! I had previously undergone other treatments that lasted for only a few weeks. It’s been 9 months since this treatment and my teeth are still white!

      – Julio Eicher

      I’m extremely happy with my now-beautiful smile, and the confidence it brought me. I completely recommend all of their aesthetic treatments!


      I’m very thankful with all of the office’s team. I was very lucky to land on their hands. They are very professional.

      – Alfredo

      30+ Years of experience

      We have been perfectioning the smiles of our patients for more than 30 years!


      NO PAIN

      Our whitening causes no pain! This is because it does not have any hazardous or nocive chemicals that damage the teeth.



      Especially formulated to avoid any sensitivity! It has a neutral pH, which means it’s not acid.


      NO LIGHT

      To avoid damaging or gingival inflamation, we do not use any light! It has been proven that the use of light causes internal damage to teeth.

      How do we do it?

      Our treatment is divided in two stages: In-Office and In-House


      We apply a special whitening of high power that shows results in just 30 minutes. No pain, no sensitivity.


      We give you a special kit with which you can self-apply the treatment every night for 2 to 3 weeks.

      How does it work?

      When a whitening product is applied to teeth, it separates into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions penetrate the enamel and attack the color chains, breaking them so that they transform into shorter and colorless chains.

      Afterwards, these small molecules are removed from the teeth naturally with saliva. The whitening intensity depends on the quantity of oxygen ions and the time these ions spend in contact with the teeth.

      Whitening strength

      There are three main types of teeth whitening: Pharmacy whitening; In-House whitening; and In-Office Whitening

      In-Office Whitening

      This whitening is the one with the most power, and it requires a dentist to be applied. Its results can be observed in just 30 minutes without causing any sensitivity.

      In-House Whitening

      This treatment shall be applied after the In-Office Whitening. The gel has a neutral pH and high viscosity, which ensures the patient’s comfort. The mixture of water and special aditives incorporated into this product minimize plaque formation and sensitivity.

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