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      Treatments and services

      Feldespathic Veneers

      Keeping in mind our philosophy to preserve dental structures and performing minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures, we can make changes or smile re-design with feldespathic veneers.

      Placing small ceramic fragments with the purpose of providing you with a natural and real looking smile, aesthetically hiding any defect that your teeth might have, such as stains, gaps, fractures, among others, and giving you back that natural feel and confidence to smile.

      Invisible Orthodontics 

      With the modern lifestyle in mind, we want to help you show the best and healthiest smile without going through tedious and painful braces or conventional orthodontics for years and years, undergoing the ailments that it includes.

      We have invested in a new technology for you, and it’s now accesible to everyone: Invisible Orthodontics through progressive aligners, which upon daily use during just a few months provide an extraordinary smile, avoiding any ailments or aesthetic issues during the process, which are characteristic of conventional orthodontics.

      With out invisible orthodontics we can solve problems for teens and adults without fear of affecting their day to day lifes, both socially and professionally, providing results in short periods and without damaging your teeth, gums or lips.

      Dental Implants

      Implantology nowadays is a reality, and when well performed, under strict criteria of sterilization and the hands of a specialists, provides surprising results.

      Dental implants were created because of the need to replace lost or missing teeth, for whatever reason, and are capable of integration up to the point of feeling and looking just as natural teeth, compensating for the absence of a single piece or a whole set of them.

      Quattro Dental Office, thanks to our specialists, is considered as a leading impantology center on a national and international level.

      Third Molars 

      The removal of third molars is usually performed on teenagers or young adults, although it’s not a requirement.

      The most common symptoms are pain, inflammation, pressure, among others. Nowadays they can be removed through several different procedures, all of them available through our Maxillofacial Surgeon so that your treatment is a pleasant experience, since we have the most modern technology to undergo the procedure in a quick and painless manner.

      Teeth Whitening

      Teeth whitening is an aesthetical procedure that helps you clear up your teeth. There are several types of treatments or procedures, and depending on the case the perfect combination can be picked to reach the best possible result. One of the treatments offered in our facilities is the “Quattro Dental In-Office Bleaching”, while the other is the “Quattro Dental In-House Bleaching”, consisting of a special night-kit with the necessary equipment.

      With the supervision of our dental aesthetics specialist, the best combination is picked according to the case to reach the best possible final result.