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      We take care of your children As if they were ours

      Prevention and solution to problems and dental ailments for babys and kids.

      My boy came out happy from his visit. Excellent care, very professional.

      – Diana Marz

      They taught us many things that we didn’t know about how to care for our baby’s teeth. We leave way more relaxed now.

      – Saldaña Family

      They solved my girl’s sensitivity extremely fast. They even taught us how to prevent these kinds of problems for our baby.


      I’m very thankful to the whole office’s team. I was very lucky to land on their hands. They’re very professional.

      – Alfredo

      30+ Years of experience

      We have cared for your childrens’ smiles for more than 30 years!



      We teach you everything about your childrens’ teeth. From the first ones until their teen years.



      We teach you which problems your kid can face and how to prevent them, giving them a healthy smile.



      If your child has problems such as cavities or any ailment, we will solve it in the best manner.


      Nutrition and cleanliness


      We teach you about how and what your child or baby should eat to reduce the risk of problems.


      We teach you the necessary cleaning techniques for each stage of your baby and child’s development, including which tools should be used.


      Cavities are the most common dental health problem for kids. Almost every kid presents cavities in a bigger or smaller manner at some point in their lifes. To avoid them turning into a bigger problem, they must be treated effectively.

      Even though they might seem so common, it’s of great importance to treat them as soon as possible. The main reason is that they can cause a lot of pain and ailment to kids. Even more dangerous, they can reach the tooth’s nerve and cause an important infection.


      How to treat cavities

      There are a wide variety of treatments for cavities.


      When cavities are very extense and a resin will not solve it, crowns are placed so that your little ones can continue their development normally.

      Resins and sealants

      The cavities are removed and the teeth are sealed with high quality resins. Sealers are also placed in vulnerable places to avoid cavities.

      Dental extraction

      When an infant’s tooth cannot be saved anymore, we remove the damaged one to protect the ones that will eventually erupt.

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