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      Invisible Orthodontics

      Perfect your smile with the best and new way to perform orthodontics.


      I was amazed by this treatment! It really is invisible, and even better: there’s no pain involved whatsoever! 100% recommended.

      – Jennifer Ortega

      I can’t believe that I held off fixing my crooked tooth for so long. My case took only 3 months and a half, and barely anyone noticed.

      – Marco Jimenez

      For the first time ever I feel like I trully have a dashing smile. It’s amazing what it has done to my confidence!


      30+ Years of experience

      The way to perform orthodontics has changed. The time for large advances and expensive treatments is over. This is the new way to do orthodontics.



      The continuous micro-movements make this treatment way faster than traditional orthodontics.



      These aligners are made of transparent plastic and in the shape of your teeth, rendering them unnoticable and allowing you to speak normally.



      There is no pain involved in any ammount since, unlike traditional orthodontics, this treatment works with micro-movements.



      No advances are required, and you pay as you switch aligners.

      Invisible Orthodontics comparison

      How does it work?

      Traditional braces

      Traditional braces make strong movements during the first week, followed by three weeks of stabilization.

      Because of this strong movement, teeth hurt, and even the head hurts some times.

      Invisible orthodontics

      These invisible aligners cause continuous micromovements during the 17+ hours a day that you use them.

      During these micromovements, the bone is constantly undergoing resorption and regeneration.

      Another factor that minimizes any inconvenience is that each step of the treatment consists of two alighers: A soft one for the first week, and a rigid one for the following two.

      Are you a candidate?

      To be a candidate for this treatment, you need to fulfill the following requirements: 

      No tartar: 

      A dental cleaning procedure is tipically done before the treatment is initiated.

      No cavities:

      If you have any important cavities, we need to solve them before initiating the treatment.

      No wisdom teeth: 

      It is usually important to remove any wisdom teeth before initiating treatment.


      Our orthodontists design your case usin special tests.

      Evaluation consultation

      We must first verify that you are a candidate and within the margin of the invisible aligners.

      Orthodontics tests

      • X rays
      • Test models
      • Pictures

      Software design

      We feed the orthodontics tests to a special software and design the steps needed to reach the desired result.

      A treatment generally consists of 4-8 steps.

      Each step lasts for three weeks: One soft aligner week, and two rigid aligner weeks.

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