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        Dental  Implants

        Without Surgery

        Enjoy again the force out your teeth!

        More natural
        Better support

        30+ Years of experience



        The dental implants provide the same sensation when chew and speak as natural teeth.


        The implants can fixed individual teeth, bridges or total prosthesis giving support to the chewing



        The dental design that is based on shape, color and size creates a natural and aesthetic appearance that is blended with the other teeth.

        What are dental implants?

        In order to replace the absence of one or more teeth there exist dental implants.

        They are artificial roots of titanium to  which crowns or teeth are fixed giving a solid support for a natural appearance and sensation. They provide security and fulfill the function of a tooth, they look and feel as a “natural teeth”.


        Our specialists with extensive experience, perform a treatment many times without surgery, that is; based on an elaborated diagnostic, they design in a software a planning, using digital technology and in 3D a splint is manufactured that contains all the inclination and depth information, ensuring a risk-free placement.

        The discomfort and recovery are minimal, incorporating their daily activities immediately.

        Once placing the implant, becoming part of the bone structure, it is developed with digital technology the placement of the crown or artificial tooth, this design is done with carefully taking into account the size, color, texture and shape, giving a natural aesthetic finish.

        Without Surgery

        Our method is based on planning, using a guide previously designed according to the specifications of each patient, this guide allows us to insert the implant without open the gum, which reduces the time of application, gives us a more precision and generates a faster recovery.

        Our experience talk of us

        Are you a candidate?


        Missing of one or more dental pieces


        Good bone structure


        That doesn’t have any medical contradiction


        Healthy gums

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