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      About Us

      We began with great enthusiasm in 1985, in a boutique office in the center of the city of Monterrey, with only one dental chair and one dentist.

      We knew about the need to be better equiped to offer more services, which is why we started the adventure in 1997. We switched locations to a bigger area, with commercial activity, and managed to turn it all into the office we currently opperate in Ave. Gonzalitos, always counting on the inconditional support of our whole team.

      There have been two transformations in which we took the risk of a complete renovation of our facilities, equipment and services, always working to be the office recommended by anyone that has been treated by us.

      As the time passed, we saw the need to expand our private practice to the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, inaugurating a boutique-style clinic with great success, to 5 years later move into what is known today as Quattro Dental Office: An integral clinic with every specialty and the best technology in materials and digital equipment. This clinic is one of a kind in the whole country, with certified specialists, recognized in all of their respective fields of work.

      Our purpose: To elevate the level of odonthology in the country, and thus offer our patients with a unique experience and, and the best results both funcionally and aesthetically.


      We believe in working ethically and professionaly, providing our work with a sense of service, honesty and clear customs, promoting our essence that reflects how we are, based on our values.


      • That our patients feel comfortable and safe during their visit, providing an ethical and professional care.
      • To work clean and righteously in every aspect.
      • To care for our patients with the best technology and aesthetics.
      • To earn the trust of our patients.
      • To respect our team members and facilitate growth opportunities, both personal and professionally.


      Innovating in technology and services, we seek to provide our patients with one of the best dental offices in the american continent, with the highest world standards, speaking with the truth and bringin an ethical and professional attention, treating with respect and loyalty all of our patients.


      The reason to exist for our service is so that our patients feel comfortable and safe with our highest-quality team. This way, the patient will be able to observe our quality and professionalism, working as a team so that our patients return after a satisfactory visit.

      Consultorio-Quattro-Dental-1 Philosophy

      We always keep in our minds that each patient shall be treated in an integral, unique and persoanlized manner, providing them with a functional and aesthetic solution to their ailments, creating an environment and experience that are unique in their kind, with unparalleled results.

      Our philosophy is based on the integration of a team that draws strength from our service customs, resulting in a focus on responsability and respect, caring for every detail in their activities, thus reaching the human sense that every organization needs to contribute positively to our environment, our country and our world.